Immunity Passport


A Trusted Science Based Approach to Battle COVID-19

3 Reasons Why You Should

Leverage PPE and Antibody Testing

to create your own

Immunity Passport against COVID-19

1. Asymptomatic Spread is Real

Spreaders are most contagious the first 3 days of a COVID-19 infection when asymptomatic.

Some people remain asymptomatic throughout their COVID-19 illness. W.H.O. sets it round 40%.

Temperature checks and questionnaires are inadequate for screening silent spreaders.

Testing is the only way to detect and keep control of virus

Virus Testing

If I become sick and suspect
I’ve been infectedI need to get tested

Know if you have an active virus in your body by finding RNA pieces of the virus using a swab.

Antibodies Testing

Now that I’ve recovered from a
possible COVID-19 infection
I need to know if
I’ve developed immunity

Know if you have immunity by evaluating the level of IgG antibodies in your blood.

2. No Vaccine is on the Horizon

A vaccine is unlikely to appear in the next 6 to 12 months.

If one becomes available, it could be less than 50% effective  like some flu shots.

There’s no vaccine for SARS coronavirus because it mutated often. The COVID-19 virus has mutated over 250 times so far.

Therefore, protection from airborne and surface risks are critical.

Voice Cloud

Talking can launch thousands of droplets in the air for 8-14 minutes. They are so small that any slight fluctuation in the air currents help keep airborne for hours. Somebody nearby can inhale droplets and become infected despite of social distancing.

Airborne Factors

When social distancing  is not possible or simply not good enough, masks are critical. Level 1 medical masks are far superior to cloth masks. And if cloth masks are used, it needs to be 3-ply made with three materials per W.H.O.

Surface Lifespan

The Covid-19 virus can live for hours in the air and up to 3 days on some surfaces. This virus waits to enter a live host to replicate. Hence, it’s important to use appropriate cleansers and disinfectants that are Health Canada or equivalent approved.

3. COVID-19 Remains a Threat

We are only at the beginning of flattening the curve in Canada.

Most vulnerable are certainly older (age 60+). Of the 5% who needed hospitalization, 96% had pre-existing chronic conditions of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, etc. Obesity remains a predisposition for all these conditions.

Waves Two and Three: Summer/Fall 2020 and Winter 2021.

It’s hard to think about the next ‘wave’ when we are just trying to get some normalcy in our lives right now. But we must prepare with enough PPE and Disinfectants to you past the winter months. It’s time to get at least 6 months of inventory and stock up before we run into short supply and price hikes.

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